Employee Online Enrollment

Benefit Selections

Employees select eligible dependents or available volumes of coverage, see side by side cost comparisons along with employer contributions, view group and broker customized plan descriptions and supporting carrier documents, all to assist employees in making educated choices as they complete their online enrollment package.


Document Library

A group admin or broker can manage and update benefit summaries, carrier brochures,  employer-required notices, and other supporting documents to help support employees through their enrollment process.


Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart provides a snapshot of selected benefits and a breakdown of contributions for an employee as they make their way through their online enrollment package.


Carrier Applications & Confirmation Statement

Every online enrollment provides a confirmation statement for the employee and group administrator, as well as populated carrier applications, beneficiary designations, and health statements where required.


Benefit Administration

Custom Plan Designs

WolfTracs will work with the broker and group admin teams to build basic group, voluntary, or individual plan designs including rules, rates, and contribution percentages.


Admin enrollment and benefit management

For groups or associations not using our employee enrollment platform, or for quick policy updates, group admin can manage benefit enrollment with a few simple clicks.


Manage employment and eligibility in one place

Group admin can update employee demographic, employment, or eligibility information in one place, and WolfTracs will take it from there providing updates to all connected carriers.


Consolidated Invoices

Our consolidated monthly invoices provide a Carrier Summary and Employee List Bill, essential tools which can be used for group or association billing along with carrier invoice reconciliation.


Manage online enrollment

Whether it’s all eligible employees at open enrollment, or tracking of new hires and qualifying events, WolfTracs makes it easy to keep up with the status of employee online enrollment.


Standard and Custom Reports

Admin can choose from several available standard reports, or request a custom report to meet specific data and reporting needs.



Payroll Integration

WolfTracs offers a complete payroll integration with our payroll partner PrimePay, instantly syncing employment, demographic, and benefit deduction data. PrimePay's all-inclusive payroll solution bundles applicant tracking, employee onboarding, Time Clock, and HR Advisory solutions as well as COBRA administration.



Carrier Feeds -- EDI, change reports, COBRA files

No more signing in to multiple carrier systems -- WolfTracs will set up EDI feeds to communicate  enrollment, demographic, eligibility and COBRA information to carriers and third party administrators.


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